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Problem: How can we promote physical activity in a fun, culturally-relevant way to low income women in Argentina, Bolivia, Mexico, Nicaragua and Peru? Although united by language, each country prides itself on its distinct national identity.  

Idea: Morning variety shows like Despierta America & Laura en Mexico are widely viewed throughout Latin America and part of its cultural fabric. In this spirit, ColectivoSCC created a branded morning variety show for Pro Mujer called Tú tienes la llave. 

Work: research & creative concept, message strategy & development, story & script, logo development, video production, native spanish thinking (not translated).

On its show, Tú tienes la llave, Pro Mujer presents a two part series called Muévete Más, a behavior change marketing campaign encouraging women to be more physically active.

A recent study showed that a majority of women sampled across Latin America had intentions to exercise, but were unsure they had enough time in their daily lives. Many women were also unsure about how to exercise effectively.

Using a social cognitive model, the campaign proposed simple and effective routines that can easily be incorporated in most daily routines or while taking a break without the need to make more time in the day. 

Pro Mujer lanza serie de videos ‘Muévete Más’

La campaña busca motivar a las mujeres latinas a incluir el ejercicio en sus rutinas diarias

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